Photomontage Experiment

AO2, Experiments, People, Places



Alternative Idea

AO3, Development of Multiple Images Ideas, Places

Untitled-2Here I combined several images of the same photograph but using different filters, i then cut out circles of each to create a collage using geometric circles.

My Response – Jelle Martens’ In the Quivering Forest

AO1, My Responses, Places

triangle patterns

I used a triangle pattern (bottom right) to create these images, on the left / centre I chose two contrasting photographs from the same location and combined them together, on the top right I used multiple images I have taken from the Ashdown Forest.

Jelle Martens’ – In the Quivering Forest

AO1, Investigation into Multiple Images Photographers, Places


Jelle Martens is a of young Belgian graphic artist, here he has used geometric triangle patterns combined with multiple photographs to form a series of collages.


Matt Wisniewski’s – Experiments

AO1, Investigation into Multiple Images Photographers


Experiments are a collection of mostly quick low resolution concepts composed of found imagery. I really love these images because of the surreal magic in each image, by combining natural landscapes and portraits. Unlike artists like Stezaker, Matt uses digital techniques of Photoshop in place of traditional cut and paste creating hauntingly beautiful images.


Fragment Experiments

AO2, Experiments

Here I used the ios app Fragment to create these experiments with geometric shapes, layering multiple images of the same photograph.

Pep Ventosa’s – In the Round, Trees

AO1, Investigation into Multiple Images Photographers, Objects, Places


Here is a photograph by Pep Ventosa, where he has taken multiple photographs of the same subject and then layered them to create amazing work.


My Response – David Hockey’s Joiners

AO1, My Responses, Objects, Places

Spin TowerHere I created my own work inspired by David Hockney’s Joiners, I took multiple images of Portsmouth’s Spinnaker Tower and used Photoshop to join them together and create one image.

David Hockney’s – Joiners

AO1, Investigation into Multiple Images Photographers, People, Places

hockney-furstenberg-parisHere are some images of David Hockney’s work titled Joiners. Here he has created a collage by joining up several close up images to create one big picture of the entire street. The image appears to be linked with cubism with some photographs taken at different angles and hang at a slight angle.