My Final Piece – Fading Memories

AO4, Final Piece Creation, Objects, People, Places

Here is my Final Piece of my project into Multiple Images.



AO4, Final Piece Creation

I finished creating my portraits here, I plan next to combine a landscape with these sequence of portraits.

My Response – Jelle Martens’ In the Quivering Forest

AO1, My Responses, Places

triangle patterns

I used a triangle pattern (bottom right) to create these images, on the left / centre I chose two contrasting photographs from the same location and combined them together, on the top right I used multiple images I have taken from the Ashdown Forest.

Geometric Pattern Experiments

AO2, Experiments

I decided to experiment with different techniques on Photoshop such as weaving photographs together to create an image within an image.

Fragment Experiments

AO2, Experiments

Here I used the ios app Fragment to create these experiments with geometric shapes, layering multiple images of the same photograph.