My Final Piece – Fading Memories

AO4, Final Piece Creation, Objects, People, Places

Here is my Final Piece of my project into Multiple Images.


Alternative Idea

AO3, Development of Multiple Images Ideas, Places

Untitled-2Here I combined several images of the same photograph but using different filters, i then cut out circles of each to create a collage using geometric circles.


AO4, Final Piece Creation

I finished creating my portraits here, I plan next to combine a landscape with these sequence of portraits.

My Response – Jelle Martens’ In the Quivering Forest

AO1, My Responses, Places

triangle patterns

I used a triangle pattern (bottom right) to create these images, on the left / centre I chose two contrasting photographs from the same location and combined them together, on the top right I used multiple images I have taken from the Ashdown Forest.

Geometric Pattern Experiments

AO2, Experiments

I decided to experiment with different techniques on Photoshop such as weaving photographs together to create an image within an image.

Idris Khan

AO1, Investigation into Multiple Images Photographers

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Idris Khan uses in his work diverse cultural sources including literature, history, art, music and religion, he investigates memory, creativity and the layering of experience in his work. Idris does this by densely layering imagery to create abstract photographs.


My Second Response – David Hockney’s Joiners

AO1, My Responses, People

Portrait Chair

Portrait Chair-OHere I copied David Hockney’s work with people, I took multiple images of my model in the same  position but my camera moving around her to take photographs at many different angles. I then placed my close up images onto a large single portrait arranging them to appear as if you can see around  the sides of the image.

My Response – Pep Ventosa’s In the round, trees

AO1, My Responses, Objects

Palm Tree Phone Box

I tried to recreate Pep Ventosa’s style, here I took multiple images walking around the same object such as a telephone box and a palm tree here, on Photoshop I placed each image on top of each other and change the opacity so that each image on top of the other is 5% less opacity then the one below it.

Paul Ratigan’s – Cities

AO1, Investigation into Multiple Images Photographers, Places

London-East_a (1)

Paul uses urban cityscape environments to create his artworks, he is inspired by the abstractions of architecture and machinery in urban landscapes. By layering different photographs on top of one another subtle changes occur that can enrich or create new colours and forms and create an abstract cityscape.

“I use photography to record the meeting of the abstract and the tangible using light, shade, perspective and texture. By combining old and new objects, materials and architectural styles I invite the viewer to be curious and to investigate the imagery more closely.”