My Final Piece – Fading Memories

AO4, Final Piece Creation, Objects, People, Places

Here is my Final Piece of my project into Multiple Images.


My Response – Pep Ventosa’s In the round, trees

AO1, My Responses, Objects

Palm Tree Phone Box

I tried to recreate Pep Ventosa’s style, here I took multiple images walking around the same object such as a telephone box and a palm tree here, on Photoshop I placed each image on top of each other and change the opacity so that each image on top of the other is 5% less opacity then the one below it.

Pep Ventosa’s – In the Round, Trees

AO1, Investigation into Multiple Images Photographers, Objects, Places


Here is a photograph by Pep Ventosa, where he has taken multiple photographs of the same subject and then layered them to create amazing work.


My Response – David Hockey’s Joiners

AO1, My Responses, Objects, Places

Spin TowerHere I created my own work inspired by David Hockney’s Joiners, I took multiple images of Portsmouth’s Spinnaker Tower and used Photoshop to join them together and create one image.