My Response – Jelle Martens’ In the Quivering Forest

AO1, My Responses, Places

triangle patterns

I used a triangle pattern (bottom right) to create these images, on the left / centre I chose two contrasting photographs from the same location and combined them together, on the top right I used multiple images I have taken from the Ashdown Forest.


My Response – Matt Wisniewski’s Experients

AO1, My Responses

m3 m5

Here I combined portraits and landscapes in Photoshop using blending modes.



I used my own photographs such as sand dunes and forest landscapes blended over black and white portraits, I then improved the images by rubbing out areas covering the face. I really enjoyed creating these images and hope to use something similar to this in my final piece.


My Second Response – David Hockney’s Joiners

AO1, My Responses, People

Portrait Chair

Portrait Chair-OHere I copied David Hockney’s work with people, I took multiple images of my model in the same  position but my camera moving around her to take photographs at many different angles. I then placed my close up images onto a large single portrait arranging them to appear as if you can see around  the sides of the image.

My Response – Pep Ventosa’s In the round, trees

AO1, My Responses, Objects

Palm Tree Phone Box

I tried to recreate Pep Ventosa’s style, here I took multiple images walking around the same object such as a telephone box and a palm tree here, on Photoshop I placed each image on top of each other and change the opacity so that each image on top of the other is 5% less opacity then the one below it.

My Resonse – Liam Wylie’s Collage

AO1, My Responses, Places

I used Photoshop to cut out geometric shapes into these landscape photographs I have taken. I then rearranged them to produce these surreal photographs.

My Response – David Hockey’s Joiners

AO1, My Responses, Objects, Places

Spin TowerHere I created my own work inspired by David Hockney’s Joiners, I took multiple images of Portsmouth’s Spinnaker Tower and used Photoshop to join them together and create one image.