My Final Piece – Fading Memories

AO4, Final Piece Creation, Objects, People, Places

Here is my Final Piece of my project into Multiple Images.


Photomontage Experiment

AO2, Experiments, People, Places


Alternative Idea

AO3, Development of Multiple Images Ideas, Places

Untitled-2Here I combined several images of the same photograph but using different filters, i then cut out circles of each to create a collage using geometric circles.


AO4, Final Piece Creation

I finished creating my portraits here, I plan next to combine a landscape with these sequence of portraits.

Reconstructed Work by digital artist Pep Ventosa

AO1, Investigation into Multiple Images Photographers


Miss Beep's Weblog

Pep Ventosa takes and uses hundreds of pictures to create one masterpiece to give it a whole new visual experience. I am big fan of his Reconstructed Work in where big cities like New York, Barcelona, Paris and Amsterdam are captured in a fresh and stunning way. There is so much more on his site…take a look and decide which city will get on your wishlist…

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AO4, Final Piece Creation


The next step was creating my background, I decided to use the geometric pattern I used previously in my development of ideas, but I created a central rectangle where the portrait will be placed, I also used a light paintbrush tool to create what appears to be like a spot light is shining on the centre.

Starting My Final Piece

AO4, Final Piece Creation

The fist thing I did was pick out the portraits I was going to use, next I arranged them from light to dark, the first two images are taken in bright natural light, the last two were taken in artificial light creating a shadow.

Idea 4 – Portraits with Geometric Patterns

AO3, Development of Multiple Images Ideas

Here I used a geometric pattern placed on top of a portrait, the triangle geometric pattern in the sequence grows and covers most of the portrait as you go along from the first image to the last.

Idea 3 – Combining Landscapes

AO3, Development of Multiple Images Ideas

squares2 squares3

Here I combined two contrasting landscapes by using Photoshop to cut out and arrange rectangles on top of an image on the right, I also tried out making rectangle blocks black and white in the image on the right.

Idea2 – Using Geomertic Shapes and Patterns with Complexity

AO3, Development of Multiple Images Ideas

 Here I tried out adding complexity to my photographs, I tried to combine portraits and landscapes into my work.